How About Those Cardigans?

Did you think I wore argyle two days in a row? You would be mistaken. I like argyle as much as the next girl but, the outfit from earlier today (with the awesome pants) was from last Tuesday. Today’s ensemble is a different story…

Let’s talk about cardigans.  As a busty person cardigans were always relegated to pairing with a coordinating shell or tank top. The idea that I could ever wear a cardigan on its own was far fetched to say the least but, since my body is changing I figured why not give it a try… I have to say I like it and now I have learned a different way to utilize something in my wardrobe that only had one purpose. There was still a concern about possible gaping but, it wasn’t a big deal. I wore a tank top underneath just in case.

  • Top: green and white polka dot cardigan, Merona
  • Bottom: khaki skirt, The Limited via Current Consignment
  • Shoes & Accessories: pink patent leather pumps, Apt. 9 for Kohls; estate chandelier earrings, Stella & Dot



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