Back to Work Again

Are you having deja vu? So am I. Last week just flew by. I’m sure even more so for you because you didn’t see it… that’s right my face burns red with shame because there were no outfit posts past Monday, oops. To correct this egregious error you will be getting a little two for one posting action. This week will be full of new ensembles and outfits from last week. Aren’t you lucky? Totes…

The weight loss experience that I am having continues to be a bitter sweet experience. I had at least three different outfits in my head before I landed on this one. The reason those didn’t work out was simply because one of the components of the hypothetical outfit was too big. Yay?

  • Top: brown argyle sweater. Merona
  • Bottom: gray slacks, Ann Taylor via Goodwill
  • Shoes & Accessories: brown pumps, Steve Madden; pearl earrings, Macys



2 thoughts on “Back to Work Again

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