Happy Easter

So back in 2010 when I started the first blog journey into the world of shopping my closet and wearing no repeats it was right around the Easter time of year. More recently even when I was not posting regularly I reminded of that time so, now that I am posting (pseudo) regularly it seemed only right to share my Easter ensemble with you. Bonus, for these pictures I had a photographer AKA Hubby who used to take all of my OOTD pictures at one point.

This dress is special to me because it actually belonged to my grandmother. While I was cleaning out her house I found it and managed to squeeze myself into it (she was a tiny woman;) I held on to it with wishful thoughts in mind about wearing it and also just because it belonged to her. When I was packing for my trip I wanted to have something special to wear to brunch on Easter and most of the dresses in my closet were too big (YAY/GRR) but, this one fit quite well. Thanks Mamá.

  • Top: yellow vintage dress; khaki green blazer, GAP
  • Shoes & Accessories: silver sandals, Sam Edelman; dangly silver bead earrings, gift from co-worker; silver studded purse, Botkier



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