Any Given Friday

This outfit is from Friday, as in March 27. Work leading up to Good Friday/April 3 was bonkers and if you follow me on Instagram (you don’t? well, you should) you know that I have been away. This week is about relaxing and catching up with friends/chores/shopping/life as I am off from work but, also catching up with posting.

As I think about posting and catching up I am reflecting on the past month or so that I have been “back” at regular outfit posting. I would give myself a C on getting these outfit posts out. You have will see all of my work ensembles for that time period which was the goal (Also, no repeats: SUCCESS) but, I have been less than timely in that endeavor. Goal for next month: stick with the schedule and get posts out on time. Editorial calendar here I come! Maybe…

Now for some outfit stuff: If you couldn’t tell from the jeans and curly hair day two stylings it is was definitely a Friday. Friday’s are always a struggle in terms of keeping my outfits interesting. Jeans and a top WAHHH HOOOO! I know, I’m blowing your mind. Anyway, I think the key here is picking pieces that are interesting to look at AKA not a plain t-shirt. Ruffles are good, so are fun color combinations like this one.

  • Top: yellow ruffle embellished tank top, LOFT; khaki green blazer, Gap
  • Bottom: skinny ankle jeans, Forever 21
  • Shoes & Accessories: purple flats, Tory Burch; vintage silver earrings



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