Ready, Steady, Go!

I feel like the week is going to be a non-stop marathon. I have different work projects (training/open house) to tackle while doing my normal work tasks, don’t you love when that happens? I also have doctor’s appointments, class, and other personal commitments. I suspect that Friday will be here before I know if and I will be fairly wiped out. Something fun to look forward to, YAY!

How do you like my new black shoes? They look a bit like my old black shoes… that was the point. I am all for adding new fun things to my wardrobe but, sometimes you need to replace items because they are falling apart. That was the case with the old black shoes; I had them for a while (est: 2008) and I wore them all the time. A perfect recipe for replacement. It took me a while to find these but, thankfully the search is over. Shopping can be fun but, when you have something hyper specific in mind it can feel frustrating and laborious, don’t you agree?

  • Top: blue a-line dress, Adrienne Vittadini; blue and gray plaid blazer, Jones New York
  • Shoes & Accessories: black pumps, bflexible by Bandolino; black tights, Hanes, labradorite earrings, Pennyweights



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