Snow Showers and Boots, Happy Spring?

Yesterday was the first day of spring, right? Then, why did it snow? I thought I put these boots away until next winter (or fall.) I was committed to the burgeoning spring season but, it doesn’t seem to be time yet. Darn… Not only did I have to dig some of my winter wear out of the closet, I couldn’t stick with the iced coffee streak I have been on. Hopefully I can get back to it (and other warm weather activities) since it was 50 degrees, an actual spring(ish) temperature moving forward.

Also, I get a prize since I stuck with my commitment to stop using my classic black blazer as a outfit crutch. Unfortunately while looking back at my outfits this week I noticed some different repetitive tendencies. I have a closet full of shoes (Yes, a whole closet) but, for some reason I wore these plain black pumps 75% of days that I wasn’t wearing snow boots. Next week I am going to try to incorporate different shoes into my ensembles. On top of the I was wearing all the stripes! 60% of outfits incorporated a stripe which is aggravating. I try to avoid buying striped things (which is really hard, by the way, given the options while shopping) but, apparently it’s difficult to avoid wearing what I have. I am going to try to avoid stripes as well… We’ll see how this goes.

  • Top: pink and navy striped t-shirt, Old Navy; khaki green blazer, GAP
  • Bottom: cropped skinny jeans, Rock & Republic via Ashby
  • Shoes & Accessories: black Ultimate Short boot, UGG Australia; vintage silver earrings



2 thoughts on “Snow Showers and Boots, Happy Spring?

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