The Next Level

Today I am hosting an interview open house for the organization I work at. Why? Well, if you followed my last blog journey you would know that I am a recruiter so it makes perfect sense. While I would like to think I am professionally dressed all the time there are some days that I exude a more casual or funky sartorial feeling. Interview days are definitely not those days. While I prefer rocking a suit as it is an easy way to convey an uber professional image most of my suits are too big (think child playing dress up) so separates it is. While it’s not a suit, this blazer takes this outfit to a next level business casual ensemble.

  • Top: white rosette embellished t-shirt, LOFTblue tweed blazer, K Studio via Unique Thrift Store 
  • Bottom: black wide leg pants, New York & Company
  • Shoes & Accessories: black pumps, Nine West; pearl earrings, Macy’s



2 thoughts on “The Next Level

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