Warming Up?

I am getting ahead of myself with these “almost spring” temperatures. While this could still might not be considered boot weather it is definitely not there yet. Maybe next Friday? Until then I am resisting the urge to wear open toe shoes, sundresses, and other warm weather ensembles. It’s especially hard because this winter was a rough one. We didn’t necessarily get hit with the “big one” but, there were plenty of little ones and an overall chill (thanks polar vortex) that ensured constant snow boots, hats, and gloves. Those 8, 3, and 0 degree days make 40 feel like beach weather. I’m over the extreme cold and counting down the days until I can wear flip flops, maybe the week after next?

  • Top: ivory ruffle tank top, Ralph Lauren Sport via Current Consignment; black blazer, Ann Taylor
  • Bottom: gray wide leg pants, New York & Company
  • Shoes & Accessories: black pumps, Nine West; mother of pearl earrings, Elizabeth Showers Vintage



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