Consignment Consumer

I’m sure if you are a purveyor of social media (obvi) you have noticed the multitude of complaints regarding daylight savings and the “loss” of time humanity is experiencing.  Unlike most people I get excited for daylight savings in the spring. For me it means not coming home in the dark, being more in line with the hubby (who is a night person,) and the advent of warmer weather. I am hoping to put my boots away until next year!

As I’ve mentioned before I find myself leaning towards second hand stores to fill my closet. Both of the clothing items I am wearing today are from an excellent consignment shop right in my area. I love finding gems like these and being able to mix and remix them over and over again… What are some of your favorite thrift stores?

  • Top: brown cashmere sweater, Philosophy Dane Lewis via Current Consignment
  • Bottom: yellow plaid skirt, J Crew via Current Consignment
  • Shoes & Accessories: brown pumps, Candies for Kohls; teal tights, GAP; signature clover chandelier earrings, Stella & Dot;



6 thoughts on “Consignment Consumer

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