So, back in October the plan was to post OOTDs things and get back into the swing of being a full time  regular style blogger. That was a mega fail… Maybe I went a solid week and work/life/whatever kept me from keeping up with that. Were you sad? I know I was, especially when I had a killer outfit on or learned about a fun event or new product/collaboration.

Recently, I have found myself in a new place health/style wise. I have been going to the gym (read: Spin,) have lost weight (YAY,) and lots of my clothes no longer fit (BOO.) This unfourtunate fact means that there are bags of donations in my garage waiting to be taken away and less options in the morning when I am getting dressed. I have found myself leaning twoards the same old combos and, quite frankly, I am tired of it. I have more than enough clothes  left to still show up to work everyday looking different and fabulous!

So, I challenge myself to make my wardrobe work for me without throwing tons of money into it since my body is still changing. This is basically the same idea as before (a different outfit to work everyday for one year) it’s just going to look a little different so this isn’t a tremendously time consuming endeavor for me. I know, I need to get better at phone pics but, let me know what (else) you think.

  • Top: black short sleeved sweater, LOFT; gray wool blazer, Isaac Mizrahi for Target
  • Bottom: gray wool skirt, Isaac Mizrahi for Target
  • Shoes & Accessories: black pumps, Candies for Kohls; maroon tights, Comfort Choice; black pearl earrings, International Gem and Jewelry Show



6 thoughts on “Back

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