More Animal Print?

For the past few days I have been wearing animal print, There’s nothing wrong with that phenomenon but, it is a tad out of the ordinary. When I was younger I would shy away from animal print in general thinking it was too garish for everyday wear. That being said; Tuesday was leopard print ballet flats, yesterday was an awesome python printed shirt dress, and today is another sleek business appropriate animal print piece. Younger me, you were so wrong!  Animal print is a great accent for any outfit whether you are mixing it with a solid or a subtle print in any season. How do you incorporate animal print into your wardrobe?

I just had to mention that these lovely blue shoes are my wedding shoes! I know I’m probably never going to wear that dress again  or carry my (mace-like) bouquet on the regular but, I’m so happy I have something from that day that could be used again and again in my everyday life.

orange sweater gap cheetah print skirt black and white blue peep toe pumps nine west


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