Day One

I am excited to be getting back to 260 Days, No Repeats! Let’s just hope this level of enthusiasm continues… awkward turtle. Anyway, I don’t think I could have gone wrong with this ensemble. I try not to fall in with the masses when it comes to capsule collections at big box retailers but, since I found myself awake early on release day for Altuzarra for Target I hit to see if there was anything for me. I was instantly drawn to everything in this collection that had python (for some reason) and ordered a few pieces in different sizes so I could figure out what fit best (and get free shipping.) I only ended up keeping two things and this dress in particular was a huge win in my book!  It’s professional, easy to wear, and (most importantly) stylish. Did you get anything from Altuzarra for Target? How are you liking the quality of this new collection for Target?

altuzarra for target shirt dress statement necklace pumps


One thought on “Day One

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