Finishing Touches

While I know you are all excited to see my daily outfit posts that will start tomorrow. Today I find myself reflecting on what comprises a complete ensemble; Shirts, pants, dressed, blazers, or any combination of the aforementioned items aren’t the whole picture. Jewelry, handbags, shoes, and beauty routines also play a role in a total look

While I prescribe to that idea on a daily basis and supplement my daily looks with accessories I do not normally wear makeup save the obligatory swipe of lipgloss. That being said as I move forward in my professional career (recruiter) a neat and polished manicure is paramount. It increases my confidence substantially when going in for a handshake with a new contact! Additionally, clicking away at a keyboard all day is less drum with a glossy mani.

While funky nail art might not always be in style having a refined manicure is never wrong! Do you find yourself partaking in this lipstick nailpolish effect?


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