Back At It

Some of you might remember me from 260 Days, No Repeats. While that was fun and amazingly helpful for me at the time, there were a number of things going on that made it hard to keep on keeping on with daily outfit posts. If you followed me on Instagram you followed how everything kept moving and changing…

We (BF and I) bought a house and moved!

It's #official #instadaily #firsthome #notyourtypicalstarterhome

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I got a new job and am once again living the 9-5 office life!

We got engaged!

We got married!

While it wasn’t all amazing like these snippets would lead you to believe it has been pretty great overall. Recently I have felt like something is lacking. As I look at my closet every morning seeking sartorial inspiration I find myself coming to the same prosaic combinations. I miss the days when I would share my ensembles and challenge myself to seek new and creative ways to remix my wardrobe. So, I’m doing it again: One year of work ensembles, no repeats.


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